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AliceI got involved in rescuing dogs by volunteering with my daughter at Animal Haven. I went from volunteering to finding homes for stray dogs that were not claimed by their families. I got my rescue license and pulled dogs from high kill shelters and got them vetted, vaccinated and boarded them at a daycare facility until they were adopted into forever homes. In my heart I knew that I had a passion to help the homeless people living on the streets and wanted to connect helping the homeless and their homeless dogs & cats. In August 2012 I became a volunteer with an organization that feeds the homeless in the greater Kansas City area. Their pet program was run by a woman who volunteered for 17 years. She went out every other Wednesday night feeding the homeless and handing out food to their dogs & cats, and even setting up vet care for them. She retired December of 2012. After she retired they had no one to take over the pet program. I offered to continue the pet program and hoped with my connections to get more food donations that would last longer than two weeks. With the years I had with rescuing dogs and working with Spay & Neuter and veterinarians I felt I could help the homeless animals by getting them spayed & neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped, collars and leashes and bags of food. I am working on gaining the trust and educating the homeless in caring for their dogs & cats. The fact is most of these dogs and cats were dumped or were strays living on the streets. They are taken in by the homeless and they do their best to care for them with what little they have in food and no money. I want to continue to bring awareness and help to the homeless and their homeless dogs & cats.


SandiI have loved animals my entire life.  As an only child, my best friend growing up was a sweet little Puggle (back then called a Mutt) named Frisky, we were absolutely inseparable from the day I started Kindergarten to well past my graduation from High School.  I started working with shelters and rescues as soon as I was out on my own and had literally rescued, fostered, trained and found home for hundreds of dogs before I had the opportunity to purchase A Dog’s Fun Playce in 2007.  With A Dog’s Fun Playce I saw the perfect opportunity to marry my two passions, working with dogs and rescue.   In 2007 after purchasing A Dog’s Fun Playce I formed Protective Animal Welfare Society which is a rescue that works almost exclusively with animals who are the victims of cruelty and neglect.  PAWS are housed inside of A Dog’s Fun Plaice.   PAWS is unique in the fact that we not only work with our own rescue animals but we also help other rescues rehabilitate their dogs and help them to get them ready for their new homes.   A Dog’s Fun Plaice houses on average 25 to 50 dogs looking for new homes not only for PAWS but for multiple other rescue groups. I became involved with Angel Hearts through my friend Alice DelBosque who I have worked with for many years.  I am passionate about the work that Angel Hearts is doing as I believe the love of an animal goes far beyond any socio-economic boundaries and am proud to be part of such a forward thinking compassionate group.


team_marieI loved animals since I was a young child. My fondest memory of caring for something other than what was in front of me was probably at the age of 6 years old. I can remember finding a deceased worm and feeling sorry for it because it had no one to be there when he passed, so I then proceeded to give it a proper burial with the head stone on top.

As long as I can remember nature and animals is what I focused on. As a young girl my mother and I volunteered at local animal shelters and at a farm sanctuary in Denver, Co. I support the passion my mother Alice has for rescuing dogs & cats. I am now at an age where I can give back and dedicate my time to helping people less fortunate and homeless animals. We take for granted that someone will pitch in but to be honest it’s easier said than done. My goal for this group is to be supportive, non-judgmental and appreciative. What my mother does is very selfless and having children of my own now, I want them to see the many kind acts that people give as well as them giving back. Angel Hearts is unique and it’s because of all the wonderful and intriguing people who make up this group. I look forward to working with everyone who wants to help us in our fight towards a better tomorrow for the animals and their guardians.


I always had pets my entire life.  I had cats as a child until “2006” and dogs since “1993”.  I still have three dogs that were were rescued from Animal Haven and one was a stray that I took in.

I owned horses from “1985” until “2010” .  I volunteer at the stable from “1978” until the owner retired in “2003”.  I loved grooming them and loved on the older horses in the stable.  I cared for the cats and dogs that lived at the stable.

I volunteer at Animal Haven since “2000”.  I walk dogs that were up for adoption, brushed their coats, gave them treats, cleaned their cages and gave water when needed.  I also spend time in the cat room and love on each of the cats up for adoption.

Since “2010” I have been volunteering with Alice.  I fostered 10 puppies until they were adopted.  I take the dogs & cats from the homeless men and women to be spay & neuter, vaccinated and heartworm tested.   I take the sick dogs to the vet and return them back to our boarding facility.

When I find strays I look for their owners and post signs.  If no one claims them I take them in to be altered and vaccinated and they go to our rescue group to find forever homes.

I love animals and believe we are their care takers and I am committed to doing anything I can within my means and abilitiy to promote their care and rescue.  I support Alice & Angel Hearts Rescue in her effort to give basic care, food and supplies to the dogs & cats of the homeless men & woman of Kansas City.


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Animals have been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember. When my sisters and I were growing up anytime we found an injured or stray animal we always took it in and cared for it. My whole family has a passion for helping animals, and I was raised to be compassionate to those who are in need. There has never been a point in my life where I didn’t have a cat or dog. I can’t even envision my life without a furry companion. My dad used to take me to the local animal shelter with a box of treats; we would hand them out and give love to each dog there. The more we visited the more I realized that I needed to be doing more. I knew I couldn’t change the world, but I could make a difference if I just tried. I met Alice through our work and immediately knew we shared the same passion. She has opened my eyes to the challenges the homeless face while trying to care for themselves and their beloved pets. Angel Hearts is a unique group that I am proud to be a part of. We will continue to work to make a difference for both the homeless and their dogs and cats in Kansas City.

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